Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An unwritten chapter..and a few of my favorite things

 I am back in Arizona and I must say, I am going through a difficult transition from Lisbon to the States. I miss being in Portugal. I think I could spend a lifetime there. The memories that I have will always be the sweetest feelings in my heart and I look forward to returning as soon as possible. And tonight I even made a salad with polvo in it so I am feeling even more at "home". Honestly though, it just doesn't seem to hold up to the polvo at Chapitos (sigh.)

Because of my sudden exit due to health issues with my daughter,  I realized this diary of my trip is incomplete. First, Annie has improved and although not completely well, she is on her way to recovery. So now is the time to recall some very special moments of our stay that I neglected in previous blogs.

In early November we were visited by our very dear friends from Tempe, Bonnie and Dave. They were the perfect guests who were willing to do and go to all our favorite spots in Lisbon. They got numerous hugs and kisses from Maria and we took them to meet Assim and Mohammad. How could I not show them the people that made me love Lisbon?

We would have been remiss had we not gone to Sintra.  Steve and I had been there three previous times and although I was not anxious to go again...I couldn't NOT show this place to my friends. THERE ARE MANY STAIRS TO CLIMB!!!! Plus,  I knew that once again I would be climbing the walls of the fort whose height scared the heck out of me.
I was flanked by Steve and Bonnie in fear I would have a panic attack

She LOOKS brave but she was huffing and puffing from all those steps!

We managed to do one side of the fort, but by the time we roamed the Pena Palace (again) and trudged up all the steps, we were anxious to take the train on home. Oh would we ever climb the 450 steps back to our flat???

If I had to pick the one place that I enjoyed showing visitors I would have to pick the Mosteiro dos Jerominos in Belem. The sheer expanse and grandeur of both the church and the monastery is phenomenal and I never tired of taking anyone there to visit. There is a peacefulness about the place and the best part is the story of the monks who baked the pasteis de natas to raise money for the monastery. It is thanks to them that I gained the five pounds while in Lisbon. Bonnie and Dave also had no problems enjoying these delectable pastries.

I will be learning how to make these taste treats!
me and my BF
From the monastery we took a hike over to the Royal Coach Museum and we delighted at seeing the gilded coaches that carried the queens and kings and to their palaces.

I was trying to wave like the Queen...I don't think I pulled it off
It wasn't all touristy things we did. Bonnie and Dave are great window shoppers and we had so much fun looking in store windows and seeing some crazy things to buy. Bonnie loved these shoes, but being the two tall women we are...we passed on purchasing them.
the shoes were a tad too high...and maybe a bit ostentatious!

I will say that Bonnie is dangerous. Every time I am around her I manage to spend large amounts of money on things I do not need. On one particular shopping trip we bought expensive shirts with glitzy sparkly button clips. Yeah...I will be wearing those alot!

We really had a fantastic time. We laughed, played endless hours of Wizard ( a card game I never won except for that night), ate very well and we were very sad when they left to continue their voyage cruising back to the states. They were definite 10's as houseguests!

Four very tired friends

One of these days I will put  all my pictures in an album (as promised) but for now...her are a few of my favorite friend and family pictures that were not included in prior blogs.

For now...this blog is on hold. Steve and I are hoping to spend his next sabbatical back in Portugal...the place we most love to be. So, 18 months from out Maria...Assim and Mohammad...I WILL BE BACK!
Linda and me on the castle wall
With Robert in Praca Figueira

with Helen at the Monastery Jeronimos

Helen and Steve at the Graca Miradour
I was asking him to "rate" the vacation from 1-10

Enjoying Ginga

My wonderful friend Dave enjoying natas in Belem

Bonnie and Dave at the Monastery
Enjoying a duplo bica


Now, some favorite foods....
pasteis de nata with uma bica

dessert at Chapitos



  1. I'm SO glad you did another post! I found myself checking your blog periodically, hoping to find your personality shining through in another entry.

    It's wonderful that Annie is improving! I'm sure the love and attention of her family has been a blessing for her.

    Think of all the people here in Portugal who miss you. You must return soon!

  2. Now that you're an expert in all of Lisbon's finest (and tastiest!) things, and now that you've had practice hosting on a few different occasions, we'll definitely show up on your doorstep the next time you're in Lisbon. :) Really, though, I'm sad that we missed out this time and have been so thankful for all your pictures and stories about your trip. I'm so glad that you and Dad had the chance to do this!

  3. I'm so happy to hear that your daughter Annie is doing well, a wonderful ending to your Lisbon Blog. I'm sure you'll be back!